Best VPN for Firestick

Best VPN for Firestick

What's the best VPN for Firestick? It's ExpressVPN. We installed it on our Firestick with ease. We were able to access a lot of streaming content because of it. Plus, we did not experience any buffering. Watch the video below for more info.

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Since many people opt for streaming devices now, expect that a large number would also opt for the Firestick streaming device. 

The Firestick is often easy to set up and use right out of the box. Simply connect the cables, as shown in the manual, and you are good to go. Depending on how good you are with tech gadgets, you might not even need to look at the manual. 

So, your Firestick is all set up, what next? Many people would simply dive into enjoying their streaming services such as Kodi, Netflix, Hulu, and more. However, there is a need to take a step back and consider your security online. 

When it comes to protecting yourself online, you need to consider using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. 

A VPN is essential for masking your IP address and online identity to maintain your online privacy at any given time. 

If you are interested in the best VPN for Firestick, we will look at the top options in the market below to help you start. Most of them are cheap, and there should be no reason you cannot protect yourself online. 

Let us check them out already.


expressvpn logo

For a company that has over 3000 VPN servers, we find that it deserves the top spot. These servers are in over 94 countries around the world. This makes it to have the best worldwide coverage than other VPNs. 

To make it even better, the VPN is available as a native app for the Firestick device. As such, the app can run more efficiently, leading to the best usability experience. 

Looking at the speeds, ExpressVPN has some of the fastest options in the VPN world. This means that it can keep up with the 4K HDR streams you might use on your Firestick device. 

ExpressVPN does not keep any type of logs of your activity while using it to protect your Firestick. As such, you get the best protection you have always wanted while online. 

For those who even want to maintain anonymity while paying for a subscription, they can use the Bitcoin option. We all know how Bitcoin cannot be traced, and your wallet is also well-secured. 

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nordvpn logo

You can never go wrong with native app support, and that is why NordVPN easily gets the runner’s up position. 

Other than having a native app for Firestick, we also find it having fast connection speeds. Such speeds will help you to handle the high-quality videos you will be streaming on your Firestick gadget. 

Another reason to go for NordVPN should be that it has servers in 61 different companies. They might not be as many as those of ExpressVPN above, but they are enough to allow for more flexibility. 

Having these servers in different countries helps to unlock the Geo-blocked content easily. If you have always fancied a Netflix show only available in a particular country, now you know how to view it with ease. 

Other than working on Firestick, NordVPN can also work for other types of devices you might be having in the house. Such include Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. 

With one account, you can use NordVPN on six different devices at any time. Such a feature ensures you get the best protection for various devices. 


surfshark vpn logo

Surfshark also gets a spot on our list thanks to its native Firestick app. The best part about having native apps is that they can run better and use the gadget resources efficiently. 

Well, it is not just about the native app, but also the unlimited simultaneous connections just make it better. You will never find yourself in a position where you do not have the fastest servers unavailable. 

It also allows for router compatibility. The user can further protect his devices in their home or office network with Surfshark. 

The global server count is more than 1,700, and they are in more than 60 countries. That is quite an impressive coverage in such an industry that is now crowded with many VPN providers. You will buy your subscription, knowing that there is value for money in using Surfshark. 


cyberghost logo

For someone new to using VPNs, then this is the best option to consider. CyberGhost comes with an easy to use interface that will appeal to anyone new to VPNs. 

Other than the intuitive interface, the VPN also offers some of the fastest servers in the industry. It is why you will always get it on most top 5 best Firestick VPN lists. 

With its impressive speed performance, many users will still enjoy the 4K and other high-quality content through Firestick. 

Based on many reviews about their service, some reports claim CyberGhost protects its users by using military-grade encryption. This should be motivation enough to make you opt for a subscription. 

With no-logs policy, you can use their service, knowing that your activity will always remain anonymous. 


ipvanish logo

From its name, it is easy for a newbie to VPNs to know what it is all about. It might be the reason you get more people drawn to using its services. 

The VPN is excellent in terms of the speed that it offers to its customers. Also, it has been voted continuously as being one of the most reliable VPN in the market. 

To make it even better, IPVanish owns and operates over 1,200 servers in over 60 countries around the world. This means that the users will have the best server access each time they need one. 

The servers do not have user logs of any kind. This gives you the confidence that your online activity is truly anonymous. We all want more privacy in the world full of interconnectivity, and IPVanish can do that for you. 


From the best VPN for Firestick above, it is now easy to go ahead and get yourself the right subscription from the best VPN company

If you check out their rates, they are also the most affordable with the best services too. This means that you will always get the best value for money when choosing any of the VPN from the list above. 

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