Phone Detective

We found lots of good comments about this provider that we thought we could try them out. They have a low rate of money-back incidences from sources like Clickbank. Overall, they have positive customer comments and reviews that indicate a strongly satisfied customer base.

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{Do not use this software for INVASION OF PRIVACY. Doing so is ILLEGAL. Your best option to know its legality is to consult a lawyer.}

What Is Reverse Phone Detective?

It is a very popular reverse phone lookup service. That is as much as we can tell from the comments we have browsed through so far… and there is good reason. This review details the reasons why we find it the best phone number search tool available right now.

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How It Works

reverse phone detective main pageThe very first thing you get on the homepage ( is a search box. You can enter the number you wish to be detailed for you. Technically, the homepage is clean, which might indicate the providers are not in this for scam deals and over-promising on what they’d deliver like some their competitors.

What we can't get enough of is just how much detail it spits out into the search results. We could find the name of the caller, their address, phone company, age, map location, and other in-depth info we haven't seen in most paid lookup tests.

I mean, you can search the caller's household members and phone type – landline or mobile – in the member's area after registration, and even generate reports. We get the feel that an employer could turn to this service to better gauge a potential employee.

verisign logoAlso important is how secure it is. We saw that leaving the site untouched (while browsing other windows or tabs) for a short stint automatically timed us off the system. Looking at the lock next to the URL, confirms to us that the site is indeed secured by VeriSign Inc., and actually belongs to Inflection LLC from the US. Scam sites never show off their contact and location details.

Customer Service

They have a huge collection of personal answers to questions about their service. We found this in their FAQ section. Sending out an email message to them takes less than 24 hours to get a response, so we could have answers to questions that were not answered, or inadequately answered in the FAQ section. This is pretty important if you need an actual human being telling you how they plan on using the private information that they have about you in their system from the time of registration.

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Does It Really Work?

With the kind of detail given to us, we think Phone Detective is spoilt for contacts, both landline and mobile. Really, if you won't find it using this tool, then you probably never will anywhere else. We scoured around and can report that its success rate beats the competition with around 96.5% of landline telephone and cell phone numbers around.

However, their service database of contact details is limited to the US. Non-US residents will definitely not like that.

How Much?

We could find two (2) membership options available to paying members. There is the yearly $39.99 Premium Membership and a per match fee of $14.94. So if you are planning to make more than two (2) searches with them, then the annual offer is more than a great bargain.

How To Join

If you are impressed or are just curious enough to want to try out this phone number lookup tool, then you should follow this link. After you've registered and ordered a quick match and for any reasons you are not satisfied, you can request a full refund within 8 days. For numbers that do not have owner info, you will receive a credit back.

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