XNSPY App Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam? 2023 Update}

In this Feb 2023 update of our XNSPY review, we want to give you all the info you need so you have a better buying decision about this spy app software. There's also some discussion about free trial rumors. We'll clarify about that too.

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  • Find out who they have called
  • Monitor every keystroke and tap
  • See where they have been and where they are going
  • See every text message (even deleted)
  • Access address book and calendar
  • See every picture sent and received

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What Is XNSPY?

It is challenging to know what your kids are up to when they are alone with their tablets, iPhones, and smartphones. With the increasing cases of cyberbullying, this might be a concern for many parents who may want to control – or at least some level of it – over what their kids view. Employers would also want to monitor their employee’s online activities during work hours. Spy apps are increasingly becoming the solution to the above-stated concerns mainly due to their undetectability.

In this review, we shall look at one spy app, XNSPY. In the end, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether it is the best product for you. We shall highlight its features, pros and cons, compatibility, price installation, and our unbiased verdict about the spy app. Without further ado, let us dive right into it.


  • It is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android OS
  • Very easy to follow installation guide
  • Offers call and ambient recording
  • Works on both jailbreak and no jailbreak phones (albeit with limited functionalities)
  • Offers GPS tracking
  • Can control target device remotely


  • Not compatible with OS like Blackberry
  • The company does not have telephone customer support
  • You will need Apple ID and password of the target device
  • Does not offer real-time data on no-jailbreak phones

What Are Its Features?

1. Call & Ambient Recording

One of the best features of this spy app is that it records all the calls that are made and received by the target device. What’s more? The app also is ambient recording enabled- this means it records what is going on in the surrounding- similar to a “bug.” However, you can only record for a maximum of 30 minutes per recording session.

The call recording feature is significant since you can hear who your child or employee talks to and what it is all about! The ambient recording lets you know where your kid is depending on the recorded background noise. However, for the call and ambiance recording to work, you should have a stable internet connection.

Note: Only works on rooted android.

2. Can The App Be Hidden?

Yes, you can hide the app by checking a box during the installation process. This will ensure that the target phone's owner will not have any idea that they are being tracked with a phone tracker.

3. Messenger Apps Spying Too!

You can also monitor the target devices' activities (messages, videos, chats), major social network platforms, and other messaging apps. These include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Viber, and other similar platforms. This is a very important feature since a lot of children and teenagers can be introduced to drugs and other vices through the platforms. Thereby having the ability to monitor and shut down potentially harmful apps is a big plus.

4. GPS Monitoring

Do you want to know where your kid or employee is at any given time? No problem, the app offers GPS tracking. However, note that real-time tracking is only available on the Jailbreak phone. Monitoring your child’s movements will help you to know if they went to a prohibited place. Employee monitoring also ensures that the employee is not using the company’s time and resources for personal business.

5. Can Control the Phone Remotely

The app also gives you the ability to control some functions of the target device. If there are some apps you are not comfortable with your teenage daughter (or son for that matter) having on their phone, you can delete them remotely. You can also take a screenshot of the phone in real-time and wipe the phone clean (very useful in deleting confidential information in case the phone falls into the wrong hands).

6. Alert! Alert! Alert

Yes, the app comes with an amazing alert feature. Using the control panel, you can set up some alert words, and you will be notified each time they are used in texts and emails on the target phone. Also, you get notified if the device calls a number on your watch list! That’s not all; you get an alert if the person ventures into a no-go zone geographically. You also get another alert if the sim card is changed on the device.

With these features in place, it is very easy to tell what your child is into and whether they are out drinking with friends instead of soccer practice, where they said they would be after school!

XNSPY For iPhone

Does it work on iPhone? As mentioned earlier, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS. Therefore, you should have no problem installing and using it on your iPhone.

Does it need a jailbreak? For unlimited functionality like real-time tracking, you will need a jailbroken phone. However, the app has a jailbreak version, although it has limited features.

XNSPY for Android

Does it work on Android? The app is also compatible with Android OS.

Does it need rooting? The app works best on Android devices. Unlike Apple devices, you get a lot of features even on an android device that is not rooted. In fact, you only need to root your Android device if you want to spy on messaging apps, access recording services, and take the target device's screenshots.

Is XNSPY Legit?

So is spying legit or legal, you might ask? It all depends on the context. It is legit and legal for parents or guardians to monitor their children's online activities and geographical locations.

Additionally, spy apps are important tools for monitoring the physical whereabouts of the elderly. It is also legal and legit for Employers to monitor the activities of their employees during work hours to ensure there is no misuse of the company’s resources. Monitoring also prevents and identifies any leakage of sensitive company information.

How To Install XNSPY

Installing the app is quite easy, and the company ensures that the process is seamless by sending you an installation guide that has a downloadable link so that you can even do it while offline. For Android, the company can install the app for you for only $20 if you are not confident that you can do it yourself.

XNSPY Price & Free Trial?

The price depends on whether you want the basic or premium version and also for the duration you want to use the app. The main difference between the two versions (basic and premium) is the features you can access. The price of the app is as follows:

XNSPY Yearly

  • Monthly – $7.49
  • Yearly – $89.88

XNSPY Quarterly

  • Monthly – $19.99
  • Yearly – $239.88

XNSPY Yearly

  • Monthly – $35.99
  • Yearly – $431.88

As of this writing, though, we haven't found any free trial for the XNSPY app. When we find one, then we'll update it here. For now, we can only give you the best price for it.

Our Verdict

The app is excellent for rooted Android and jailbroken iPhones, as there are many additional features. However, for Apple phones which are not jailbroken, the functionalities are limited, which is a bummer.

On the other hand, the app offers cool features like recording voice calls and monitoring messages. You can even block some sites you deem unfit for your kid without them ever knowing you did it.

It is a good app, but it would be better if it offered the full range of functionalities even on iPhones that are not jailbroken.

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  • Find out who they have called
  • Monitor every keystroke and tap
  • See where they have been and where they are going
  • See every text message (even deleted)
  • Access address book and calendar
  • See every picture sent and received

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