The Truth Spy

In this The Truth Spy review, I aim to give you all the details you need about this software. If you want to know everything about it, then this is the place to be. If you already use it yourself, may I also ask you to comment about your experience with it in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

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{Do not use this software for INVASION OF PRIVACY. Doing so is ILLEGAL. Your best option to know its legality is to consult a lawyer.}

Before downloading any mobile phone spy software, there is a need to know exactly how it works and what it is used for. It is always good to study the popular software's reviews we provide so as to make a conscious choice of the spy software you need. Here is the truth about The Truth Spy.

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I found it quite easy to use this software as all I had to do was to follow very few and simple steps. The first step was to download and to install the software on the preferred device. From there I had to wait for it to extract data from the device on a regular basis. The last step is the most useful one as its logging into the online account to see the information from the devices.


  • phonesRaising and protecting kids
  • Storing own data
  • Monitoring employees

Raising children is not always easy or simple for parents, especially when they are teenagers. Children, especially teens, can hang out with bad friends, watch obscene videos or violence, engage in drugs, skip school, or be bullied among others. The Truth Spy helps to know the truth and thus keep those stuff away from them.

A mobile phone is one of the things that people cannot live without in today's world. It isn't just used for communication purposes but also for entertainment, working and other purposes. For instance, we can use it to store and manage very important and precious data. Imagine what could happen if we ever lost our phones or they get broken by accident? Disaster! The Truth Spy would be very useful as it backs up precious data and store it in a secure online account. All call logs and SMS messages are recorded and sent to a secure online account which you can access when you want to manage and review the data.

The Truth Spy also helps to track the usage of company phones by employees. They are always conscious about it and thus avoid using the company's phones for their personal purposes. It has helped in reducing company phone bills because there is no money wasted on unimportant phone calls. Additionally, employees avoid selling out company secrets, at least when they are at work, due to the fear of being caught.

The Truth Spy can also help to track down a smartphone in case it ever gets stolen. It has call and SMS tracking features that can give user useful hints about the thief.

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Why Choose The Truth Spy

Ambient Listening: It helps hear what is happening around the device. It helps make hidden calls and listen to the surrounding environment of the target phone. It is a very useful feature as you could track your kid and hear what he is planning with other teens.

Live Call Recording: It could record live conversations of employees as hidden sound file. You only choose the phone numbers to record and the process starts automatically. After recording, the file is sent to the online account where you could access it later.

Track WhatsApp: It tracks a phone's WhatsApp logs without rooting. You could read all messages including profiles, status, pictures, stickers, emoticons and locations.

Monitor Internet Activities: It could let you view the history of websites visited by phone. Additionally, it could also block any website which you don't want them to access.

Other Useful Features

  • GPS location tracking
  • Record app usage
  • Record SMS messages
  • 100 percent undetectable
  • Auto-answer calls
  • View notes contents
  • Read contact history
  • Alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 Support options
  • View multi-media files
  • Key logger
  • Manage calls
  • Remote control

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