In this Spyera review, I aim to give you all the details you need about this software. I also include user reviews here. If you want to know everything about it, then this is the place to be. If you already use it yourself, may I please ask you to comment about your experience with it in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

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{Do not use this software for INVASION OF PRIVACY. Doing so is ILLEGAL. Your best option to know its legality is to consult a lawyer.}

Spyera is a Hong Kong based software that lets you monitor your communications. It lets you record and capture calls, as well as listen to the surroundings of the phone. It also helps you monitor and manage media file transfer, and generally, it is relatively a communication manager.

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spyeraThe software has multiple features that it offers, but here are some of the most common ones:

  • Call Interception. I used the application and I was able to listen to live calls that are proceeding on a particular device. The software alerted me with a discreet SMS whenever my target numbers were on calls.
  • Emails. The software sent me every mail in my Spyera phone spying account. I was able to read the mails, even when a user has deleted them. In addition, it supports multiple languages.
  • Spy Call. I was able to make a spy call to my target phone that had Spyera, and by this, I could listen to the surrounding. It basically acts as a remote control for the conversation in the room.
  • Live Call Recording. Anytime a conversation between the target numbers went on, the software sent me an SMS alert, asking if the call should be recorded or not.
  • Password Grabber. I was able to read the passwords and passcode that are set on any iPad, iPhone, or Android device. So you will basically grant access to any site or app.

What Are The Supported Models?

The software will work on a number of the popular phones and tablets. The phones that are supported include Android phones and tablets, Windows devices, Symbian (Nokia) and Blackberry devices. It took me about 5 minutes to download the software on my Android phone.

The Price

The price is quite expensive… but the features offered are worth it! You could expect to pay about $150 for the basic 3-month plan, and almost $290 for the same period of the gold version. A 12-month Gold plan will cost you almost $490, while the Basic 12-month plan will cost about $350.

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  • The software is very easy to use, and I personally found it user-friendly.
  • All in One. I downloaded one single app, but I was able to perform a lot of functions.
  • Reports Are Available. I was able to download my reports instantly, which helped me to keep a record of the activities.


  • The software could be difficult to install on an iPhone device. One buyer bought the software on the same day as I did, and the next day, he asked if mine had downloaded (on Android). Basically, you will find challenges when downloading it on your iPhone.
  • It is quite expensive. This is one drawback that I experienced myself, even though it has a lot of features, it is way up the top, in terms of the price.


The Spyera app might be very expensive, but it may come in the future with some amazing discounts, which will let you access a number of functions. The software helped me to monitor my entire communication system, so it is worth trying!

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