Mobile Monitor

In this Mobile Monitor review, I aim to give you all the details you need about this software. If you want to know everything about it, then this is the place to be. I also include a video here so you see with your own eyes how it works. If you already use it yourself, may I also ask you to comment about your experience with it in the comments section. Thank you!

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{Do not use this software for INVASION OF PRIVACY. Doing so is ILLEGAL. Your best option to know its legality is to consult a lawyer.}

Statistics indicate that more children are participating in illegal activities such as smoking, drinking and using drugs – even more so than ever before. While you may assume that your child is maintaining a perfect attendance slate, they may be sneaking off to participate in activities that you would not approve of. The results of being unaware of the whereabouts of your child can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, it pays to have an app, that will allow you to be aware of your child's location at all times.

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Mobile Monitor is a cross hybrid between a surveillance app and a GPS tracking system. Once you download and install the app to your child's phone, you can track their exact movements via a sophisticated GPS tracking technology. Besides being able to track a user in real-time, the app will create a log of the routes that the individual took throughout the day as well. And best of all, once you install the app, it will essentially become unrecognizable. That means that once you install Mobile Monitor, the individual won't notice that an extra app was installed on their device. Besides that, some of the other things that you can do with this app include.

  • Logs received and sent messages
  • Logs phone calls
  • Logs web browsing history
  • Caches media files such as images and videos

How Does It Work?

phonesThe first thing you need to do is to choose a plan. They have a variety of different monthly plans that range from $19.90 per month down to $9.90 per month. Once you have chosen a plan, you will be assigned a username and password that you will use to access your online control panel. After that, you will be given a special download link that you will need to access through the individual's phone that you want to monitor. Once you download the app, it will hide itself and becomes unrecognizable and gradually extract all the data of the individual's mobile activities. All the information that the app, extracts will be sent to your online account, such as their current position, call and message logs.

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How Can This App Benefit You?

There are many situations that may dictate the need for a mobile monitoring app. If you have a variety of employees that utilize a company phone, you can use the application to ensure that employees are where they say they are, which can be especially useful if you operate a moving company. You'll also be able to track their activities, to ensure that they are only using it for company related business.

Arguably, parents who are concerned about the activities that their children may be participating in, will benefit the most from this software. You can use it to ensure that your children are going to school, everyday and that they are not participating in illegal activities.

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