Best Spy App For Android In 2023 – Hidden & Undetectable

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We also review all the others here (Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, Spyera, MobiStealth, iKeyMonitor, The Truth Spy, PhoneSpector, and SpyToMobile) cannot match their customer satisfaction levels. They also have a flexible pricing structure according to the features you need.

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  • Find out who they have called
  • Monitor every keystroke and tap
  • See where they have been and where they are going
  • See every text message (even deleted)
  • Access address book and calendar
  • See every picture sent and received

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Best Spy Apps For Android 2023 Introduction

In recent times, there has been a rise in spy apps. And this is not surprising when one considers the many advantages they offer. 

With the help of a spy app, you can monitor another person's location, view their call history, read their text messages, and even listen in on their conversations. 

There are even spy apps that allow you to record phone conversations. There are a lot of spy apps available, but not all of them are made in the same way or serve the same purpose. 

Given the abundance of available spy apps, selecting the most appropriate one can be challenging for just about anyone. 

Because of this, we felt the need to compile a list of the top spy apps. So let's take a look at the best spy apps for Android!

What Are Spy Apps?

Best Spy App For Android

Spy apps are becoming increasingly popular because they provide users with a way to monitor the activity on another person's mobile device. 

Even though they have the potential for lawful applications, such as keeping tabs on a partner's or a worker's movements or tracking a child's phone use, these technologies can also be put to illicit use. 

Spy apps, for instance, can be used to monitor a person's whereabouts and listen in on their conversations without their knowledge. 

It is even possible to use spy apps to secretly activate a person's microphone and camera on their device from a remote location without their knowledge. 

It is important to keep in mind that even though spy apps can provide a lot of information, they can also be used to invade someone's privacy. Because of this, it is essential to make responsible use of them.

Best Android Spy Apps


mySpy homepage

mSpy is a software program that allows you to monitor the activity of a mobile phone. You can use it to track text messages, call logs, and even GPS locations. 

The software also supports various features, including monitoring social media activity and blocking unwanted calls and texts. 

mSpy is a powerful tool used for personal and business purposes. For example, it can keep track of their child's mobile phone use for parents. 

For businesses, it can also monitor employee productivity and prevent data leaks. So whether you're looking to improve your parenting skills or boost your business's bottom line, mSpy is an invaluable resource.

How To Install mSpy

To install mSpy, you need first to create an account at Once you have created your account, you will need to disable the Play Protect feature on the target device. 

Once you have disabled Play Protect, you will be able to download and install mSpy. After installation, mSpy will begin tracking all activities on the target device. 

You will then be able to view this information remotely from your mSpy account.

Pros & Cons

MSpy is pretty easy to use, even if you're not tech-savvy. Another great thing about mSpy is that you don't need to root the target device to use it. However, there are some downsides to the app as well. 

One major con is that you can only install mSpy on one device. So, if you want to monitor multiple devices, you'll need to purchase multiple licenses. 

Another downside is that the online monitoring feature on the Control Panel doesn't update in real time; there's usually a delay of a few minutes.


The price of the various mSpy plan options varies according to your choice. The Starter premium plan costs $48.99 per month and includes fundamental features like tracking incoming and outgoing calls and texts. 


uMobix homepage

uMobix is another great spy app that provides users with a wide variety of features for monitoring the behavior of cell phone users. 

You can view the real-time GPS location of a target phone using uMobix and the social media activity and messages being sent and received by that phone. 

In addition, uMobix allows you to view incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls, and other data. 

With uMobix, you can monitor the cell phone use of your family and friends and that of your employees and even your children. 

How To Install uMobix

To get started with uMobix, simply create an account using your email address. Next, select the device used by your child or spouse. 

After creating an account and choosing a subscription, you will receive an email with the login URL and credentials for your uMobix account and a Registration code. 

The Registration Code is required when installing the uMobix app on the target phone. 

Pros & Cons

The app is easy to use and reasonably priced for starters, making it an excellent option for anyone looking for a complete phone tracking solution. 

However, there are some cons to consider before using uMobix. For example, the app requires access to your phone's location data, which could impact battery life. 

Before signing up, the uMobix free trial has limited features, so consider these factors.


uMobix offers several Android plans to fit your needs. The full plan is $49.99 for one month. If you need uMobix for a longer period, you can purchase the full plan for $27.99 for three months. 

Or, for even greater savings, you can purchase the full plan for $11.66 for 12- months.

KidsGuard Pro

Kidsguard homepage

KidsGuard Pro is an adaptable and all-encompassing parental control solution that gives you access to a wide variety of tools to assist you in keeping an eye on and protecting your children. 

In addition to revealing hidden address books, messages, emails, and social media and instant messaging apps, it also allows you to track your child's physical location by using GPS mapping. 

You can set virtual boundaries with the KidsGuard Pro app, and if those boundaries are crossed, an alarm will sound. 

In addition, you can give commands remotely and monitor the device that your child is using in real-time. So to a certain extent, you will still be able to use KidsGuard Pro even if you do not have root access to the phone.

How To Install KidsGuard Pro

First, create your account for KidsGuard Pro. Once you have made your account, you will be given a license key. Next, download the KidsGuard Pro app from the given address and set it up. Once the app is installed, open it and enter your license key to activate it. 

After the app is installed and activated, you will need to verify your setup on the KidsGuard Pro online dashboard. To do this, simply open the dashboard in your web browser and log in using your email address and password. 

Once you have logged in, all KidsGuard Pro's devices are currently monitored.

Pros & Cons

While KidsGuard Pro can be a valuable tool for parents, it also has some potential drawbacks. One concern is that the app could be used to stalk or harass someone. Another is that it could be used to invade a child's privacy. 

Some pros of using the app include being able to track a child's location in case they get lost, seeing what apps they are using and how much time they are spending on their phone, and monitoring their social media usage to ensure they are not being cyberbullied.


Kidsguard Pro offers three different subscription plans, each of which provides access to the same features. For example, the 1-month plan costs $29.95 per month, while the three-month plan costs $16.65. The most affordable option is the 1-year plan, which costs just $8.32 per month. 

You'll get access to Kidsguard Pro's powerful features, including real-time monitoring, remote control, and more, no matter which plans you choose.

SpyBubble Pro

Spybubble homepage

SpyBubble Pro is a highly effective piece of surveillance software that can be installed on your computer and Android device. 

Once installed, it begins operating in stealth mode, which cannot be located on the monitored device. 

The spy app gives you the ability to monitor any activity taking place on the target device, including but not limited to text messages, phone calls, emails, activity on social media platforms, and more. 

SpyBubble even allows you to monitor the device's location in real time as it moves around. SpyBubble is essential software for anyone who needs to watch their children, spouse, or employees. 

How To Install SpyBubble Pro

To install SpyBubble Pro go to their official website and click on the Try Now button. This will take you to the account creation page, where you will enter your email and choose the target device. Next, you will need to choose the plan and make the payment. 

After making the payment, you will receive your login credentials in your email. Use these credentials to sign in to your SpyBubble account. 

Once you are signed in, scan the QR code using the target device's camera, and an app download link will pop up on the phone screen. 

Pros & Cons

For the pros, the installation process is easy and takes just a few minutes, and once it's up and running, it's very effective at tracking deleted call logs and messages. 

Another pro is that the location tracking feature also works well, allowing you to see exactly where the target phone is. 

And the keylogger and screenshot features make it easy to track social media activity effectively. The only downside is that there's no geofencing feature, so you can't be alerted if the target phone leaves a particular area.


For just $49.99 per month, you can enjoy all of its features, including GPS tracking, call and text message monitoring, web history tracking, and more. 

You can also purchase a quarterly or yearly plan for a discounted price. For a 3-month plan, you’ll pay just $16.65, and for the 1-year plan, you’ll pay as low as $11.66.


Cocospy homepage

Cocospy is a leading spy app that has assisted over a million people from over 190 different countries in keeping an eye on the people who are important to them. 

Cocospy, with its cutting-edge features, makes it simple to track the location of another person, read that person's text messages and emails, monitor their activity on social media, and carry out a great deal of additional monitoring. 

In addition, because of the stealthy and covert nature of Cocospy's design, the person or thing that is the subject of your surveillance will have no idea that they are being watched or monitored. 

How To Install Cocospy

To install the Cocospy app, you must first find the app download link on the Setup Wizard page. Once you have found the link, click on it to download the app. 

After the app has finished downloading, you will need to open it up and agree to the Privacy Policy & EULA. 

Once you have done this, you can sign in with your email and password. After all of this is done, you will need to follow the wizard to finish the settings on the target phone. 

Please note that all permission requests must be allowed for Cocospy to work correctly.

Pros & Cons

One of the best things about Cocospy is that it can be installed remotely on a mobile device without rooting. This makes it an excellent choice for parents who want to spy on their children's phones without rooting their phones. 

Cocospy also has a stealth mode, which means that the person being spied on will not be able to tell that they are being monitored. 

However, one downside of Cocospy is that it does not offer a free trial, so you will need to purchase a subscription to use it.


Cocospy starts at $39.99 per month for the Basic plan, and the family plan costs $69.99 also monthly. Both plans include many of the same features, but the family plan enables you to use multiple devices.


Hoverwatch homepage

Hoverwatch grants you access to your children's smartphone activities and lets you observe what they do while on their devices. You will be able to monitor your children's whereabouts and keep tabs on the people they are friends with. 

You can use it to monitor a smartphone, tablet, or even a personal computer; however, compared to the high cost of the product, it has a significantly lower number of features. 

When you use Hoverwatch, it is effortless to keep track of your children and ensure they are not in danger. 

How To Install Hoverwatch

Setting up an account and installing the software is relatively simple, and all that is needed is a working email address and a secure password. 

Once the account is activated, you can access the control panel and begin tracking the data from the target device. The software must be downloaded and installed on the target device, which requires physical possession of the device. 

However, once the software is installed, Hoverwatch provides many features and functions that make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to monitor a mobile device.

Pros & Cons

Hoverwatch is among the top phone trackers. It is a reliable and affordable solution for Android devices and phones. In addition, the app comes with exciting features, such as recording all phone calls, taking regular screenshots of the device, providing high data upload frequency, etc. 

You can also easily change the Android settings from within the Hoverwatch dashboard. However, there are a few drawbacks to using Hoverwatch. 

For instance, it does not have a geofencing feature, and the Keylogger comes as a separate app. Additionally, details about SIM card changes aren't usually accurate enough.


The Hoverwatch personal Plan costs $24.95 per month. The professional plan costs $49.95 per month. The Business Plan costs $149.95 per month.

Hoverwatch offers discounts for larger quantities of devices, so it's essential to choose the plan that best fits your needs.


eyezy homepage

EyeZy is a next-generation phone tracking app that uses artificial intelligence to improve the level of accuracy with which it can track the location of another person's phone. 

They use AI to improve the spying features of their software, allowing for more accurate reports to be generated whenever you are attempting to monitor a target device. 

EyeZy's superior tracking capabilities make it possible for you to monitor all of the activities on the target phone, including its physical movements, text and call activity, browsing history, and activity on popular apps such as Instagram and Facebook. 

EyeZy can help you keep tabs on all of these activities. Because of this, it is a beneficial tool for anyone who needs to monitor the activity on the phone of another person.

How To Install eyeZy

To get started with Eyezy, you'll need to create an account on the Eyezy website. Once you have an account, you can download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

After downloading and installing the app, please open it and sign in with your email address and password. You'll then be asked to enter a registration code. 

To get your registration code, sign in to your account on the Eyezy website and click on “My Account.” Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Redeem Code.”

Enter the code into the app and click submit. Once you've done all that, Eyezy will be activated and ready to use.

Pros & Cons

There's no doubt that eyeZy is packed with many features when it comes to the pros. It's super easy to use, and it does an excellent job of monitoring social media. 

However, there are a few potential downsides to using this software. First, the pricing structure is not immediately obvious on the website. 

The cost can quickly add up for businesses that want to monitor multiple devices. Second, some users have reported that the software can be buggy. 

While these issues don't necessarily outweigh the pros of using eyeZy, they are worth considering before purchasing.


At first glance, the eyeZy one-month plan may appear to be the most cost-effective choice; however, at $47.99 per month, it is their most expensive option. 

If you can commit to using the app for three months, your monthly fee will be reduced to $27.99. 

And if you sign up for the whole year, your monthly fee will be reduced to just $9.99. To put it another way, if you sign up for eyeZy for a longer time, you'll save more money.


pctattletale homepage

PCtattletale is a powerful spy app that allows you to monitor all sorts of activities the target user performs on their phone. 

The application operates invisibly in the background, gathering all data and transmitting it to an individualized control panel that can be accessed through the website.

Among its many features, PCtattletale lets you see everything that's happening on the target device in real-time, meaning you won't miss a beat no matter what the user is up to. 

You can also view a history of all the activities performed on the device, giving you a complete picture of what's been going on. 

How To Install pcTattetale

The first step is to visit the pcTattletale home page and create a user account. Once you have done this, you will be taken to the “Account Overview” page. From here, you will need to add a new device. To do this, copy the Android link provided and incorporate it into your account. 

This link is unique to your device. Once you have done this, you will need to SMS, email, or copy-paste the link to the browser on the target device. 

Once this is complete, click on “Start Now.” You will then need to accept all permissions to complete the installation process. And that's it!

Pros & Cons

pcTattletale offers several features helpful in monitoring children and employees, including GPS tracking, web browsing history, and keylogger capabilities. 

pcTattletale also has a simple installation process and is easy to register for. However, there are some cons to consider before purchasing this app. 

pcTattletale doesn't offer as many features as some of its competitors, and it only supports Android devices. In addition, the app has received mixed reviews from users. 


PC Tattletale has a starting price of $99 and grants access to all of the game's features. The Family Plus plan costs an additional $147 per year and includes additional users and devices, whereas the Business plan costs $297 per year and includes unlimited users and devices. 

You can keep tabs on activity, establish limits, and do much more with PC Tattletale. This cost is a one-time payment, and there are no additional charges after that.


Flexispy homepage

FlexiSPY is a powerful tracking and monitoring app that allows you to covertly spy on a target device, both online and offline. 

In addition, it allows you to track and monitor the target device remotely. As a result, it is one of the most feature-rich software solutions available. It will enable you to view and record calls, read text and social media messages, track location, and even take pictures and videos.

Because of this, it is a beneficial tool for parents who want to keep an eye on their children and employers who want to monitor the activities of their employees. 

FlexiSPY is an indispensable piece of software that should be utilized to ensure the safety of one's family and one's place of business.

How To Install FlexiSPY

Installation of FlexiSPY on a target device is quick and easy, but there are a few things you need to do beforehand to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Once you've confirmed that the target device is compatible, purchase a FlexiSPY license. You'll receive an email with your login credentials, license key, and installation instructions. 

Follow the instructions in the email to install FlexiSPY on the target device. Once FlexiSPY is installed, you'll be able to log in and start monitoring the target device.

Pros & Cons

One of the most feature-packed spy apps available is FlexiSpy, offering call recording, ambient recording, and remote stealth camera capabilities. 

And if you ever have any questions or run into any technical difficulties, their 24/7 customer support will be there to help you out. However, there are a few drawbacks. 

For starters, a jailbreak is required for all iOS versions, and advanced Android features like call interception and ambient recording require rooting. 

In addition, FlexiSpy is one of the more expensive options available. However, if you're looking for the most comprehensive spy app, FlexiSpy is the way.


FlexiSPY offers a variety of pricing options to fit your needs. The Lite plan is excellent for basic monitoring and starts at just $29.95 per month. 

The Premium plan starts at $68 per month for more advanced features. And for the ultimate in surveillance, the Extreme plan provides all of the features of the Premium plan, starting at just $199 for three months. 

No matter your budget, FlexiSPY has a proper plan for you.


Theonespy homepage

TheOneSpy is a versatile and sophisticated tool that can be used for employee monitoring on mobile phones and computers. 

The software is also compatible with Android and iPhone operating systems, making it a convenient option for businesses to monitor employee activity on various devices. 

TheOneSpy offers a variety of features that make it an essential tool for businesses, including the ability to track employee location, view text messages, and monitor social media activity. 

How To Install TheOneSpy

Installing TheOneSpy is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. First, you select the subscription package that fits your needs. 

Then, you pay for the subscription and receive an email with login credentials and a download link. Next, you download and install the app on the target device. 

Finally, you hide the app icon and enable specific permissions. That's it – you're now ready to begin monitoring the target device!

Pros & Cons

TheOneSpy offers the ability to track call history, text messages, GPS location, and more. Additionally, it has a few unique features, such as taking screenshots and recording phone calls. However, there are few potential downsides to using TheOneSpy. 

First, it does not have internet filters, so children can access inappropriate content without supervision. 

Additionally, the app is not free and requires a monthly subscription. Overall, TheOneSpy is a powerful cell phone monitoring tool with potential downsides.


With TheOneSpy, the Lite Edition starts at just $25 per month and comes with features like call and text logging. You can upgrade to the Premium Edition for $50 per month if you need more features. 

Either way, you're getting great value for your money. Other spy apps charge upwards of $100 per month and don't offer nearly as many features.

How To Choose The Right Android Spy App?

Is Jailbreaking or Rooting Required?

When choosing a spy app, it's essential to consider whether or not you'll need to root or jailbreak your device. 

Rooting or jailbreaking can give you access to features and functions not available on unrooted or stock devices. 

For example, you may be able to install a custom ROM or kernel, which can improve the performance of your device or give you access to features that are not available in the stock firmware. 

However, rooting or jailbreaking can void your warranty and make your device more susceptible to malware. Therefore, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to root or jailbreak your device.


Many people think that the more expensive an Android spy app is, the better it must be. But unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Just because an app costs a lot of money doesn't mean it will be the best one for you. 

There are plenty of high-quality apps out there that are very reasonably priced. It's all about finding the right app for your needs. 

Another thing to consider is whether or not you need all the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive apps offer. If you're just looking for basic spying features, you don't need to spend much money. 

But if you want an app with advanced features like remote tracking and recording, you'll need to be willing to pay a bit more. It all comes down to what you need and how much you're willing to spend.  


With the development of technology, people's lives have been greatly improved. Nowadays, all kinds of apps are available to help people with tasks. 

When it comes to choosing a spy app for Android, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to decide what features you need. 

There are a lot of different apps on the market, each with its own set of features. Once you have a good idea of the features you need, you can start looking at different apps and compare them. 

Customer Support

One of the most critical factors is customer support. You want to be sure that you can get help quickly if you have any questions or problems. 

Check out online forums and reviews to see what other users have to say about the level of customer support offered by different providers. 

You should look for a provider with a team of skilled and friendly customer support representatives available 24/7. 

This will give you peace of mind knowing that you can always get help if you need it.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android spy apps legal?

Android spy apps are legal in most cases. There are a few exceptions, but generally speaking, these apps are legal. Spy apps are typically used for one of two reasons: to track a person's location or monitor their communications. 

In both cases, the app must be installed on the person's phone without their knowledge. In most cases, Android spy apps are legal because they are used for legitimate purposes. 

How much time will it take to set up a spy app on an Android phone?

Setting up a spy app on an Android phone is a relatively simple process. Most apps can be installed in under five minutes, and some can even be set up remotely. However, there are a few factors that can affect the installation time. 

For example, some apps may require access to specific permissions or settings before being installed.

Can Android spy apps be detected?

Android spy apps are designed to be undetectable, but that doesn't mean they can't be detected. Check if you suspect that someone has installed a spy app on your Android device. 

First, go through your app list and look for any unusual or recently installed apps. Spy apps often disguise themselves as innocuous programs, so be sure to check the permissions for each app. If an app has broad access to your data and activities, it could signify a spy app.

Can I remotely install spyware on an android cell phone?

While there are many ways to spy on a cell phone, remote installation of spyware onto an Android device requires physical access to the target phone. 

Once the spyware is installed, it can be used to track the user's location, read their texts and emails, and even listen in on their phone calls. 

However, remote installation of spyware is not always possible, and it is essential to consider the risks and benefits before taking this step.

Can an Android Spy App Track Cell Phone's Location?

There are several ways to track a cell phone's location. If you have an Android phone, you can use various apps. 

For example, android spy apps can track your phone's location in real time. Many of them also have a “geofencing” feature that allows you to set up alerts when your phone leaves a particular area. 

In addition, they can often provide you with the addresses of any cell towers to that your phone is connected. 

Final Verdict – What Is The Best Spy App For Android

Numerous factors make spy apps attractive to Android users. However, while there are many spy apps on the market, not all of them are created equal – though in this case, we opt for mSpy as the best. 

Some are more reliable than others, and some have more features than others. So when you're looking for a spy app, be sure to research and choose an app that will meet your needs. 

The best spy app for Android is reliable, has a wide range of features, and is easy to use. You should also make sure that the app you choose is legal in your jurisdiction.


  • Find out who they have called
  • Monitor every keystroke and tap
  • See where they have been and where they are going
  • See every text message (even deleted)
  • Access address book and calendar
  • See every picture sent and received

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