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{Do not use this service for INVASION OF PRIVACY. Doing so is ILLEGAL. Your best option to know its legality is to consult a lawyer.}

TruthFinder is the name that stands above it all when it comes to finding credible, accurate and detailed public records information in the United States such as criminal records, background check, reverse phone lookup, and more. When a search query is entered into the system, the system pores over millions of available social network data, public records etc from multiple sources, including state, county and federal databases. From here, you can access the results from your tablet, mobile device, or computer, all the while remaining 100 percent anonymous.

truthfinder logoThere is no doubt that this is the handiest service for anyone looking to locate an old friend, find the details of a new flame on even investigate your new nice- but creepy neighbor. According to them, their service goes beyond Google and performs searches in the “deep web” uncovering lots of information that other search engines cannot access.

For a variety of reasons, some people go to great lengths to hide their past but using this search service, you can easily find out precisely what they do not want you to know. Among the information that it can be used to uncover includes online activity, social network posts that include videos and photos, s*x offender information, arrest records, misdemeanors, felonies and more. Moreover, your search activity is kept 100 percent private and your friend will never know that you looked them up.

How To Use The Website

To use the service, begin by entering the person’s first and last names, then home state in the search box located on their home page.

For a few minutes, the website will perform the search while displaying loading bars before opening a search results page. If successful, you will be able to see the person’s current/previous locations, age and even possible relatives. If there is more than one individual using the name you used in the search, the website will sort different results by best match, age, location and first and last name.

After this, you should click on the “Access Report” button. From here, you’ll have to wait a few more minutes as everything loads. You can also select the person’ possible relatives and order their reports from the website as well.

In some cases, you may be greeted by a bold image that states that “The individual’s report may contain graphic information that can only be revealed in a secure session.” While this statement may be true from time to time, it doe not necessarily reflect what the report actually contains.

Can you remove your information from their database?

The service claims to respect everyone’s privacy and you can fill out a form if you would like your data to be removed from the listings so that no one can find it. However, while the service may remove your background report, people may still access this data on government databases or other people search websites. The website does not also remove s*x offender location data.

What are the subscription plans? Is there a free trial?

TruthFinder won’t allow you to access it search reports till you fill in your credit card information. In this regard, you will be able to choose from any of the following subscription plans so that you can have access to unlimited reports.

  • 5-day trial: $1 (your credit card will automatically be billed $16.70 for monthly membership if you do not cancel before the end of this period)
  • 1 month: $26.7 per month
  • 3 months: $15.70 per month
  • 6 months: 13.70 per month

While these subscription plans will give you access to an unlimited number of people search reports during this period, they reports are “Standard”. And you will have to pay an additional $14.95 per report in order to access the more detailed, premium version. The premium reports contain:

  • Corporate affiliations
  • Civil judgments
  • UCC Filings
  • Watercraft owned
  • Voter registration information
  • Properties owned
  • Weapons permits
  • Professional licenses
  • Old phone numbers
  • Tax Liens
  • Email addresses
  • Foreclosures
  • Neighbors
  • Aircraft owned
  • Criminal records

Do they have a refund policy?

They say that you can contact their customer service team by phone to explain the situation if you if the service doesn’t live up to your expectations. The customer care team evaluates each request on an individual basis and any customers who make refund request should expect to wait for a few days before the refund can be processed.


The TruthFinder reverse phone lookup and background checking service boasts a slick interface and it is easy to use. Moreover, the website gathers information from a host of credible sources before making it accessible in a detailed report that you can view on your screen. It certainly does have the potential to fulfill various needs, but it can be a bit expensive for those seeking premium reports.

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