SpyHunter Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam?

SpyHunter Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam? {2020 Update}

This is the January 2020 update of our SpyHunter review where we aim to give you all the details you need about this software. Some people are also asking if there is indeed a free trial offer for this product. We'll clarify that here.

Note: If you're in a hurry and don't have much time for reviews…

What Is SpyHunter?

In today's world, fast development in technology is inevitable. It's a cyber-technical universe. The advent of hackers, malicious threats, spyware programs, name them, has seen most computer users experience frustrations and innumerable disappointments all courtesy of unexpected distractions, failure in PC operations, loss of data , financial loses and so much more. It's indeed sad, to say the least. But hold up. Have you heard of Spyhunter yet?

Thankfully, you have a great chance to bid farewell to all this frustrations. Spyhunter, an effective anti-malware and antivirus program developed by Enigma software, has the immense potential to assist very computer user protect their PC from these illegal programs. With just limited interaction, you can be rest assured your PC will have optimal protection. Doesn't it sound great? Take a look at the unique features you'll find in this program.

Product Details And Description

Right from the advanced technology used to design this anti-malware program, the extra customization capabilities, to the successful independent lab tests, it's pretty clear the program has plenty of unique features to keep pace with both technology and its close competitors. The key features include:

SpyHunter Scanner

With just a single click, the scanner will scan and analyze your registry, files, cookies and other key items, and then go ahead to list for you the infected ones. Demanding technical professionals, normal users and newbies all have the chance to experience this powerful, well engineered and complete feature.

Custom Scan

Time is a highly valued resource in today's world. Fortunately, the custom scan will assist you save more of it since it enables you to limit your scan to specific sections of your PC. The scan types include: Files, Registry, Cookies, Memory and Rootkits.

Spyware Helpdesk

spyhunter product boxSpyHunter boasts of a unique and highly interactive interface where you can easily submit your concerns and have them addressed real quickly. Moreover, this is absolutely free. The helpdesk consists of two sub-systems: the Support Ticket and Custom Fix, both designed to address your different specific needs.

Combat OS

This is a feature that has the capacity to get rid of rootkits, which is a very stubborn malware, and a host of other malware infections. Its system guards too boast of the potential to identify and stop any process that attempts to automatically start malware entries by exploiting the windows registry.

Rollback Removed Items Feature

This happens to be another handy feature that has the ability to retrieve a file in case it happens to be deleted by the program. This implies that if you happen to delete an important program, you can as well easily get it back.

System Guards

It boasts of enhanced system guards that integrate a couple of proactive protection elements into one panel. Moreover, the guards will automatically block malicious programs from going ahead to execute and start running in your system. It guards against Registry protection, process control and active x control. With this feature, you can regulate processes that are run on your computer.

And it doesn't end here folks. You can as well expect other features such as network security, scan scheduler, Back up, Exclusions panel, unique and enhanced general settings panel, real time protection features, scan and boot feature, and so much more.


What separates this program from other anti-spyware programs in the market entirely lies in its uniqueness. This includes:

  • Effectiveness: Both in house tests and independent lab tests(West Coast Labs) conducted on this program have seen it get certification and approvals as the best performing anti-spyware program.
  • System performance: While the Spyhunter scanner is running, your systems' performance will still stay stable. Normally, most anti-spyware programs tend to slow down PC performance while scanning the system.
  • Ease of use: The user interface for this program is well designed and easy to use for both advanced users and new beginners. Close to every feature can be accessed via a panel located on the left side. It's definitely an inspiration to most software designers.

Other benefits you could as well expect include:

  • It's very effective when it comes to getting rid of hijacked browser search tool-bars.
  • It has the potential to detect and remove spyware programs which other anti-spyware programs can't even detect.
  • It supports majority of the operating systems including windows 8.1.


Just like any other innovative piece of technology, it also has its own limitations. Fortunately, only one limitation was observed and that's the infrequent updates to keep up with the ever emerging new security threats.


Overall, it's undeniably true that this is a solid program. Despite the observed limitations, the innumerable positive reviews and high ratings recorded from its users clearly justify why it is every computer user's top priority when it comes to the ultimate anti-spyware and anti-malware program.