BullGuard Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam?

BullGuard Review & Free Trial: Legit or Scam? {2020 Update}

This is the January 2020 update of our BullGuard review. Here, we want to give you all the info you need to make a wiser buying decision when it comes to this product. We'll also address some questions whether or not they offer a free trial.

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bullguard internet securityBullGuard is a relatively young company in the antivirus industry that has evolved and developed into one of the most efficient AV solutions in recent years. Although they are still a small player in terms of market share, the brand is growing steadily with loyalists and faithful users vouching for this AV suite and applauding its ability to protect your computer from malicious files and attacks.

BullGuard Internet Security 2020 is the latest addition to be released by this company founded in 2002 which is going to be an all in one security suite with plenty of features and add-ons. Here is a complete review of their Internet Security 2020 variant.


The installation process is an easy and hassle free task. The online installer, setup files and virus definitions that need to be downloaded are comparatively smaller than most other AV suites which reduces the installation time considerably. The Security suite runs a scan before installation to detect any active malware in your system to ensure secure installation.

All active malwares are removed and the AV suite adapts itself according to the specifications of your system. A final check to ensure that the virus definitions are up to date not completes the installation process. You also need to create a BullGuard account during installation.


It can claim to have one of the best user interfaces with the main dashboard comprising seven bright and well-designed panels, making navigation easy for both mouse and touchscreen users. The UI is clean and uncluttered unlike many of its competitors and this makes managing your security are less complicated task.

Each feature has its own panel which enables you to get an idea of the current security status with just a glance. Detailed information can also be obtained by selecting the corresponding panels.

Internet Security, Antivirus And System Performance

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BullGuard manages to deliver fast system scans which might make you think that it may not detect all threats on your computer. However, it manages to detect and neutralise malicious and false positive files with hundred percent accuracy on a consistent basis. It also does not make mistakes while detecting or flagging save files as potential threats as this may slow down scanning speeds.

It does not affect system performance and lets you utilise the full potential of your computer without experiencing any kind of lag whatsoever. There is also an option to lower resource usage while scanning which still manages to deliver 90% of the original speed. This AV suite also features a signature-based detection that detects the known patterns of certain malware and provides a multi-layered defense mechanism in your computer.

Antispam And Phishing

The spam filters protect you from any phishing attempts or foreign language spams by keeping a check on your emails. There is an option for you to customise the emails you want to block and the ones you want to receive. It checks all websites that you visit and notifies you about the un-trusted ones thereby protecting you from phishing attacks and scams.

Parental Controls

This is a very handy feature for parents who want to protect their children from visiting suspicious and inappropriate websites, limit their browsing times and monitor their activities. This allows you to be assured of the fact that your children can use the Internet safely by themselves without any danger.

Enhancing Performance

It has a special integrated feature that lets you have the maximum gaming performance without compromising on security. Resource monitoring technology monitors your activities and adjusts the settings to ensure that you get the best possible performance and resource utilisation. BullGuard also makes your computer run faster by removing the unnecessary files and freeing up memory with the help of the PC Tune Up feature.

Overall Verdict

This variant manages to tick all the boxes and comes out as one of the best products out there in the market today. Features like a 5GB backup storage to keep your photos and important data safe and secure and a 3 PC licence at the time of purchase make this a fantastic package overall. However there is scope for improvement as far as Antiphishing capabilities and Exploit detection are concerned. To conclude, BullGuard Internet Security 2020 is one of the best anti-spyware suites available today and you can easily trust all your security needs to this upcoming but promising brand.