The mentioned antivirus software applications here are among the best in the market right now. The comparison will help determine the best one to purchase. It will depend on the price, OS, features and other details. Of course, that still depends on your particular needs…

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What Is Spyware Removal For?

spywareSpyware can do you and your computer a lot of harm. It is a software that is used to find out your personal details without your knowledge. It also adversely affects your computer and changes its settings. If you want to protect yourself and also recover from a spyware attack, then you need to check out the top spyware removal software applications.

When you open email attachments from unknown sources, you are risking the safety of your and your family's computer because more often than not, these attachments have spyware infecting them. Reading this will help you understand how to protect yourself and also how to get rid of these malicious programs.

1. Bitdefender

bitdefender total securityI give Bitdefender a 5-star rating. It is without a doubt the best spyware removal program right now. It gets such a rating because it provides total protection against malware attacks and identity thefts as well as online fraud. It also gets 5-star rating from other independent antivirus labs and is especially effective in preventing phishing attacks. The nice thing about installing this app is that it does not degrade the performance of your system after being installed on it. It also comes with a host of useful bonus features including an excellent firewall.


  • Comes with a host of useful profile features
  • Excellent desktop widget
  • Total protection
  • Rescue mode boot partition


  • Too costly

The bottom line is that this application provides total protection and has a number of robust features that makes it stand out among all others.

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2. SpyHunter

spyhunter product boxI give SpyHunter a 4-star rating. This tool is very powerful and it works in real time. It has been designed to help ordinary people protect their computers from malicious threats. It offers optimum protection and configures itself automatically, which means that after downloading and installing it, you will not need to do anything as it automatically takes over the task of protecting your computer.


  • Protects your computer against all malware threats
  • Its compact operating system helps to remove rootkits and other difficult malware infections
  • Has a systems guard that will not only detect but also stop spyware and malware attacks on your computer
  • Comes with an Exclusions feature
  • Excellent customer support
  • Up-to-date malware definitions
  • Interface is very user friendly
  • Can customize its fixes to remove malware that is specific to your computer

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3. BullGuard

bullguard internet securityI give BullGuard a 3-star rating. It can keep your computer safe from spyware and other malware. Experts give it three (3) stars but it is much better than that. For example, it comes with 5GB of online backup storage and has an excellent suite of features to protect your computer at all times. Although it does not come with a password manager it has a number of features that you normally do not find on other tools like:

  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-phishing
  • Mail and instant messaging protection
  • Safer browsing
  • Anti-spam
  • Scans removable media automatically
  • Social networking protection

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4. STOPzilla

stopzilla antivirusI give STOPzilla a 3-star rating. It is another good tool. It gets a 3-star rating and is an excellent option for those who are looking for a program that provides outstanding security protection. The nice thing about using this software is that it stops viruses and malwares quickly. Here is a brief look at why you should choose it:

  • Easy to install
  • Various scan options including full scan, intelligent scan and quick scan
  • Works very fast and takes exactly 12 minutes to complete a complete scan of your computer

If you are looking for a spyware removal tool that works very fast and which is effective in removing and preventing malware threats, then this is the one for you. This is by far the quickest of its kind. Whereas other spyware tools take about 30 minutes to complete a full scan of your computer, this one does the job in a mere 12 minutes.

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After taking a close look at all these four (4) excellent spyware removal programs, my conclusion is that Bitdefender is the best. There are several reasons why I rank it at the top including the fact that it provides total protection and optimum performance. It also has the ability to protect your computer from advanced threats and it is also very easy to manage. If you want my honest opinion then this is the spyware removal tool that you should use to protect your computer.

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