Parental Control, Employee Monitoring & Spy Software For Cheaters

Are You…

  • A parent who needs to check on your child’s safety and whereabouts?
  • An employer who needs to monitor your employees’ official activities?
  • A boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife who needs to check if your partner is cheating on you?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then you’re in the right place! This website was made specifically for you!

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So What Are The Solutions Available?

Well, we could always hire private detectives but that’s expensive. There are easier and cheaper ways of monitoring people. Most people do almost all of their communication and correspondence through technology. So, we could always keep tabs on someone through his/her:

What Are The Best Monitoring Software Applications Right Now?

The jury is still out on this but as of now, but these are our current recommendations…

  • If you are going to monitor, track, or spy on mobile phones, then you should use SpyBubble.
  • If you are going to do it with a computer, then you should use KidLogger.

Head on to those pages linked above for more information on how to go about this.

More Information…

Spying on someone is a troublesome business. Truthfully, there are many who would abhor the idea. However, there are some legitimate reasons to eavesdrop on someone and to track where they go during the day – sort of doing surveillance. If you own a business, for instance, you can put trackers in your business vehicles to monitor employees while they are out in the field.

Why Would A Business Need Such Software?

staffSome of the larger software firms, such as Microsoft, have built-in employee monitoring software tools to help track them while they are using their cell phones. These tools can dramatically increase efficiency of a large operation and cut down costs. If the employer is more profitable then that just simply translates into more jobs or better paychecks. Of course, some privacy of the employees has to be sacrificed but as long as these cell phones are only used to monitor people while they are at work there should be no conflicts.

But What If You Are A Home User?

Many home uses of this technology include suspicious spouses who believe that their husband or wife may be cheating on them. Is that legal? This is where consulting with a lawyer may be advantageous. Always consider the ramifications of your actions because you may end up in deep trouble if you are not covering your bases.

Of course you also have the boyfriend who spies on the girlfriend and vice versa. There are numerous instances when a private investigator may be called into action because of some suspicious activity. With so many tools available, however, these private contract workers are just not as needed as much anymore. You would be surprised at how easy it may be to obtain tools to spy on someone.

As well, many parents put various devices in their children’s cars and phones to keep tabs of the kids as they are out and about. With so many teenagers getting into horrible wrecks that just seems to be prudent. If the parent owns the car and gadgets, these parental control software programs and devices are perfectly acceptable, even the kids may understand that these devices are there for their own safety.

Any Other Ways Of Keeping Tabs On Someone?

eye on holeHowever, there are more ways to monitor someone then just using a cell phone tracker. After all, monitoring computer usage is a great way to stop intellectual theft, or to stop a potential bad hookup with a pedophile, or even to see if a spouse is not being entirely faithful. To monitor a computer may actually be a bit easier then tracking a cell phone.

Typically, what is used to monitor computer usage is to install some sort of keylogger. These tools are somewhat well known in the corporate world, and almost everyone who has worked in any office environment has encountered these tools. Not only are keystroke loggers essential for monitoring for intellectual property theft but they can be a great assistance to monitoring workplace productivity.

Many of the personal keyloggers on the other hand are more covert. If you installed this piece of remote spy software correctly there should be no trace of it found by the average user, they are completely stealth in most cases. Even your robust anti-virus programs cannot typically detect a keylogging software, or they can be set to allow this type of activity.

Can You Get Into Trouble By Installing These Programs?

Now the use of these computer monitoring devices are dubiously legal at best. If you don’t own the computer you may run into an issue if you were caught installing these tools. As well if you would use these tools to hack into other people’s bank accounts then you would definitely be breaking the law. Basically, when you use some tool such as a key logger they are meant to be used only to verify what facts you may already know.

Spying on someone is not a pleasant task, and clearly if you are motivated to look into these tools then you may already have a strong suspicion of cheating or other nefarious acts are going on. Regardless of the reasons why you are using these tools (Spybubble and the like for phones; Kidlogger and the like for computers) please keep in mind that you run the risk of getting caught using something that may be illegal in your State.